Wearable sensors in healthcare (IMIA Working Group)

2 Workshops at HEC2016 in Munich

Our working group will organize resp. co-organize two workshops at the HEC2016 conference in Munich, to which I would like to invite you cordially:

Aug 29, 14:00 - 15:30: "Wearable and Ambient Sensor Technology in Geriatric Medicine and Rehabilitation – examples, challenges and lessons learned" (M Marschollek, A Derungs, B Saalfeld, N Jähne-Raden, N Lovell, S Redmond) [organized by our WG; Room D Z007, location: Mezzanine, between ground floor and 1st floor]

Aug 31, 17:00 - 18:30: "Wearable sensors in large cohort studies – experiences and future directions" (A Horsch, M Vigl, M Zinkhan, AT Lehnich, A Stang, J Kantelhardt, M Schulze, M Marschollek) [co-organized by our WG; Room A016, location: Ground floor, Lichthof]

Apart from these, HEC2016 will feature many interesting presentations concerning wearable sensors.